Research & Development

Research and Development

Passion, drive and commitment will get us so far but to be truly successful in our fight against climate change, adding research and development to the mix is essential.

That is why our teams’ innovation culture ensures we are constantly evolving and improving our products and services with the use of technology.

We don’t just think outside the box, we often get rid of the box altogether!

Research Projects

2022 University of East London biodiversity net gain (BNG) of LivingPillars™

To carry out research into the biodiversity net gain of the LivingPillars™ installed in 2019 by way of two biodiversity sweeps in 2021 and 2022 in Ebury Street, London, SW1


2022 Scotscape R&D department. Non-invasive ground preparation to sustain long term tree planting

To develop a simple and cost-effective preparation technique to improve degraded soil to support long term urban micro-forests.

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2021 Terapia Urbana & Seville University. Self-contained and self-irrigating Living Wall unit. (LivingArt™)

To produce an easy to install, self-contained and irrigated living wall unit to support long term planting - LivingArt™.

Urbana & Seville University

2021 Plymouth University – Thermal benefits of our fytotextile Living Wall system

To investigate the thermal benefits of living walls on buildings.

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2020 Smart DCC (Data Communications Company). Development of technology on the LivingPillar™

To develop scalable technology to support long term planting on street furniture and lamp posts.

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2019 Greenwich University – Plants ability to absorb Pollution

To investigate plants ability to absorb pollution including (NO2, CO2, CO) and improve air quality (Relative Humidity and Air Temperature).

university of greenwich

2018 Scotscape R&D department LivingPillar™- Sustainable planting on lamp posts

To develop an irrigation system powered by solar energy to sustain long term planting on lamp posts.

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2016 Scotscape R&D department - Living Wall for mature planting. Shrubs and trees

To investigate the ability of our living wall system to support and sustain trees and large shrubs.

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2014 Scotscape R&D department - Fytotextile multiple uses & applications

To trial sustainable planting on differing gradients and moveable structures.

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2012 - Cambridge University – Generating and harnessing electricity from plants

To investigate the ability of plants in our living walls to provide electricity.

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2011 - Sheffield University - Insulation values of Living Walls

To investigate the thermal properties of different living wall systems.

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2010 – Terapia Urbana & Seville University - Development of Living Wall system

To develop a lightweight living wall system to sustain long term planting on the sides of buildings.

Urbana & Seville University

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