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2022 Scotscape R&D department. Non-invasive ground preparation to sustain long term tree planting

The Brief was to find a way to prepare compacted, nutrient deficient ground, typically found in urban areas in a cost-effective manner to enable long term health of micro-forest planting.

Conventional ground preparation methods typically involve mechanical cultivation of soil, which break up the soil structure and release carbon into the atmosphere

We researched and discovered a high-pressure air injection system used to de-compact soil to aid drainage and a recognised methodology of planting micr-forests following the Miyawaki principles. We combined these disciplines.

The Process

Barnard Park in Islington was chosen as a location for the project as the park was typical of inner cities with poor soil and drainage

We spread nutrient enriched topsoil over the area to a depth of 100mm after which we injected compressed air 1mtr spacings and up to 1m deep

Once de-compacted, using the same needle, we injected mycorrhriza, organic nutrients and biochar to improve the soil and aid drainage.

We planted cell grown trees and mulched with wood chip.

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The trial is ongoing and we continue to monitor and maintain the project.

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