Having enjoyed over 30 years of sustained growth in commercial and domestic landscaping, we employ over 60 staff at our head office and nursery in Surrey. We love what we do and continue to explore new ways to inject more greenery into an ever-increasing urban environment with Living Walls, Living Pillars, Landscaping and sustainable Landscape Maintenance, our work extends beyond the UK to the rest of planet earth.

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Our Vision

The Complete Green Solution

At Scotscape we’re passionate about green infrastructure at every level.

As horticulturists, we’re proud of our achievements in being globally responsible and bringing Green to urban solutions. Our landscapers’ creative flair and knowledge, are backed up with service and an attention to detail that only comes from truly caring.

Our ground force gardeners nurture, advise and maintain, but still have time to share their passion for everything green.

When it comes to smart green technology, we are the most experienced ‘living green’ specialists in the UK, with a quality of aftercare that sets us apart from other urban greening companies.

We’re proud of our teams and their passion, combining their expertise to deliver complete solutions for all your green requirements.

'In the 35 years since I started Scotscape and with global warming, pollution and urbanisation achieving regular headline space, an exciting marketplace is appearing where we really can make a difference. With our patented Smart Greening systems we have the technology to face up to these challenges using nature as our ally. Scotscape has grown into a dynamic SME with a wealth of knowledge and intellectual property that we continue to develop. We are as excited as we are passionate about introducing and maintaining living green and biodiversity into the most challenging of urban areas.'

Angus Cunningham

Managing Director

Living Walls & Urban Greening

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