Bringing Biodiversity
to Urban Spaces

our vision

Breathing life into cities

We are an innovation led company that combine planting and technology to bring biodiversity back into our cities and clean the air.

We use sustainable planting in strategic locations to form biodiversity corridors through our cities.

Wayfinding and placemaking for our insects and birds, air cleaning for our city dwellers.

As horticulturalists we are proud of our achievements in being globally responsible and helping fight climate change.

With your help we can make a difference by collaborating, inspiring, and sharing our knowledge and passion as we breathe life back into cities.

Our Products

Living Walls

Living Walls & Green Walls designed, installed and maintained by Scotscape for improved biodiversity, air quality & to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Living Pillars

Living Pillar™ The NEW Urban Greening innovation from the Scotscape Group.

Micro Forests

The Urban Micro Forest - innovative and effective afforestation for carbon mitigation in urban areas, delivering exceptional air quality and biodiversity benefits to the built environment.

Living Art

LivingArt™ , introducing planting to the workspace has a positive impact on wellbeing and productivity.

Our Services

Landscape Services

Working in close partnership with landscape architects & garden designers to create & install beautiful gardens supporting biodiversity & health.

Landscape Maintenance

Managing and nurturing sustainable landscapes, sharing our passion for Biodiversity and guiding our clients towards sustainable practices in collaborative working partnerships.

Biodiversity Events

Raising awareness of the need for more Biodiversity in our Towns and Cities is very important to us. To this end we have become involved with a number of public events designed to showcase the importance of tree planting in the urban environment.

Contact us to discuss your project

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