Urbana & Seville University

2021 Terapia Urbana & Seville University. Self-contained and self-irrigating Living Wall unit. (LivingArt™)

The brief to produce self-contained Living Wall unit that was affordable, lightweight, quick to install and supported long term planting.


A livingArt™ unit was fabricated and installed in August 2021

A ‘U’ frame was designed using fibreglass which kept the weight to a minimum and also simplified the fixing method, allowing installation by a single operative.

The ‘U’ shape of the frame acts as a reservoir. The irrigation is recycled via the closed loop system and hold two weeks water supply.

The fytotextile provided the solution to the long-term planting.

The technology includes remote irrigation programming.

The Result

  • The fytotextile supports long term planting.
  • The LivingArt™ needs to be positioned in a light area to support plant growth
  • Can be used inside or out
  • Installation takes approx. 2 hours providing a cost-effective solution to installing interior and exterior mini Living Walls
  • Maintenance involves light pruning as required and topping up the reservoir once every ten days
  • Mains power is required. Ideally a socket behind the unit.


The LivingArt™ is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to support small quantities of planting.

We have called this product LivingArt™

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