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About Irrigation

Effective irrigation is required to maintain healthy plant growth, and in a variety of forms, irrigation systems have been in operation for centuries early examples being the Archimedes’ Screw and the Shaduf!

With the use of modern technology and ‘smart’ design, we are able to ensure that the right amount of water is used for each application – ensuring that this valuable resource is used efficiently. Our scope of work is broad, we install irrigation systems for large commercial projects, domestic gardens, living walls and green roofs.

Rainwater harvesting is particularly important when considering the creation of sustainable irrigation schemes. We specialise in the installation of rainwater harvesting systems for use in traditional landscapes, living walls and to irrigate green roofs.

Technical Information

Technical information - Irrigation

We are able to cover all technical aspects of the scheme from the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks and filters, to the specification of misters and pressure-regulated pipe work which will deliver water to the correct area at the right time.

  • Scotscape interfaces with existing mechanical and electoral consultants to deliver intelligent irrigation solutions
  • We produce schematic plans and all technical specifications for each and every project
  • Scotscape provide user friendly operation manuals to all of our clients in addition our specialist teams are always on hand ready to assist.
  • Warranties are offered against every irrigation system installed entirely by Scotscape and maintained by Scotscape.

We can offer a number of ‘Smart Irrigation Technologies’ including: remote monitoring; remote sensing; remote control of water usage and alarms.

Rainwater Harvesting

Harnessing Free Water

Wherever possible we recommend the use of Rainwater harvesting in our bid to behave in a sustainable way and communicate the ethos of our business. Our team is highly skilled in the installation of rainwater harvesting and in the maintenance of these systems.

Scotscape’s irrigation team specify rainwater harvesting during the design process for use in living wall and green roof projects as well as traditional landscapes and commercial locations.

Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

Scotscape offer a full irrigation maintenance service. Our specialist teams create bespoke maintenance packages for all of our clients from domestic to commercial spaces of all scales.

Our focus on seasonal calibration is essential along-with our use of intelligent irrigation systems , monitoring water use and alerting our teams to any areas which require our expert attention.

The Scotscape team also specialises in correcting failed irrigation systems, refurbishing and replacing existing poorly performing systems to bring landscapes and living walls back to full vitality.

We guarantee irrigation systems supplied, installed and maintained by Scotscape.

Living Walls & Urban Greening

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