Plants make you Happy!

19 March 2020

Plants for improved mental wellbeing

On Mental Health Awareness day, back in October 2019 I wrote a piece about how plants in interiors can boost mental health and help to make office based workers more productive, now more than ever with a huge quantity of the working population working from home for the foreseeable future, the power of plants to make us happy has never been more pertinent! The powerful benefits of plants apply in both the corporate office and in the home office, and given the pressures of current circumstances now more than ever plants can do their bit!

urban greening salesforce staircase
Corporate interior planting with living walls from the Smartscape team

The practice of collecting and caring for indoor plants is increasingly popular, but there’s nothing new about the human impulse to keep houseplants. What is new is the science that finally confirms what we already knew: plants make our lives happier and our minds healthier.

We spend time in buildings more now than ever before, especially in urban areas. Reconnecting with nature by recreating our own green paradise indoors is important, it presses our ‘biophilic’ buttons, reducing stress, improving well-being, improving air quality and all in all bringing positive improvements to daily life. We install living walls, bespoke planting and traditional pots and plants for both commercial projects and for private residential customers. Whilst we love this high tech application of plants - it is after all what we do, if you need a quick fix in these difficult times, jump online order in and create an interior jungle to boost your spirits.

living walls leos yard interior

Nasa did some extensive research on the best plants to feature in interiors to benefit air quality. Here are just some of the favoured air filtering plants according to the Nasa research. Dr BC Wolverton was one of the Nasa scientists on the research project, if you want to learn more about the plants why not read ‘How to Grow Fresh Air?’, great guidance on which plants to include where to really give your interiors a boost!

scotscape top ten indoor plants
scotscape how to grow fresh air

What exactly are the plants filtering you may ask, referencing the key below each plant are icons representing each gas:

scotscape types of gases

So in unique times we recommend getting the plants in, pick some palms, a peace lily, perhaps some ivy and a spider plant to get going, before you know it you will have a interior forest and we hope feel a lot better for it!

interior landscaping planting

To read more about how plants make you happy why not click here to read piece about the benefits of plants in the home.

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