Fytotextile for Urban Greening Innovation

07 April 2020

Fytotextile - the solution for urban greening projects.

Greening up existing urban infrastructure is a challenge which brings with it clever design innovation from green infrastructure experts globally.

We use Fytotextile for both our living walls and as the support structure for new urban greening products designed by our in house team of designers such as Living Pillar.

living pillar smarscape inforgraphic

Why is Fytotextile so ideal for Urban Greening projects?

Where can you install Fytotextile?

Anywhere! This design friendly system is suitable for, interior, exterior, curved, angled, suspended, columnular structures, free-standing structures and everything in-between to any scale, it allows us to create unique designs bring our customers visions to 'green' reality.

What is Fytotextile?

Check out our manufacturing video to see how Fytotextile is made, this robust patented fabric is stitched into planting pockets where plants will thrive, standard panel sizes include 49 planting pockets per square meter, however as this is adaptable, bigger pocket sizes can be constructed to incorporate larger species.

Multiple layers of waterproofing, water retentive fabric and the Fytotextile itself complete the construction of this adaptable fabric system.

Fytotextile is Lightweight

This is the lightest living wall system on the UK market. At only 35kg per square meter fully planted and saturated, it makes Fytotextile extremely adaptable to all surface applications.

living pillars planting

Living Pillar Installation Ebury Street Belgravia


Although our system weighs only 35kg per square meter, Fytotextile's patented design has been structurally tested to support 530kg per square meter.

It has excellent Fire Retardancy credentials B-s2,d0

Accessible Irrigation

Designed to enable living wall or urban greening maintenance to be swift and efficient, irrigation is integrated but easily accessible for maintenance operatives.

Panel Sizes

Whilst our system is available in 9 standard panel sizes, we also engineer bespoke living walls to fit unique projects and new urban greening solutions.

Engineered for optimum Plant Health

The structure of Fytotextile fabric promotes a strong healthy plant by oxygenating the root system. Unlike encasing plants in solid plastic.

10 year Warranty

Our living wall comes with a 10 year manufacturing warranty for peace of mind.

Added insulation for increased U value

Our system is unique in its ability to have an added layer of insulation incorporated to enable a quantifiable u value to be established

To learn more about Fytotextile and how it can be applied to existing urban infrastructure give our team a call on 0208 254 5000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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