Woodland Living Wall

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Woodland Living Wall

Our standard 1m2 living wall module contains 49 x 1litre pockets. Our new woodland system 1m2 module contains 15 pockets x 3litres which greatly increases the
future plant size allowing for a higher concentration pollutants to be trapped. Beneficial soil microbes also play their part in helping to remove VOC’s from the air and with our new larger pockets a greater amount of soil is exposed to the elements, passing pollutants can become trapped helping to filter pollutants, most especially larger particles such as pm10s.

Woodland Living Wall
Woodland Living Wall for Rewilding of cities

Year after year Scotscape endeavour to create and innovate. In order to do this effectively all aspects of the green industry are observed. Air quality is one of those areas that Scotscape is keen to address. As our living wall and ’Smart’ greening systems continue to populate the urban landscape we want to ensure that health and well being become an integral part of our future design, thereby helping to breathe new life into our cityscapes.

The 25m2 woodland living wall at our HQ (left) has been developed as a natural progression to our existing living wall system and has been predominantly planted with shrub and tree species that have the ability to trap pollutant particulates from the air (mostly larger pm10 dust particulates but also smaller pm2.5 such as diesel exhaust fumes) Foliage with traits such as a waxy surface or dense hair on the surface have a great ability to physically trap these pollutants. The foliage of a typical ivy can absorb high concentrations of pollutants such as formaldehyde and xylene with no ill effects to the plants.


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