PPI Cancer Research Centre at The Rutherford

Wales, UK

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Living Wall for PPI

Client: PPI Cancer Research Centre

Designer: Scotscape

Size: 104m2

Several factors influenced the design and plant choice for the living wall at PPI, Newport. Initially the idea for the living wall was conceived from Mike Moran, the CEO of Proton Partners International Ltd, in response to a personal family circumstance. His vision was to create a treatment centre that reflected the preservation and promotion of life.

The design brief looked to build on this vision with biophilia and biodiversity at its core. Select species were chosen with their year round pollinating capabilities, air cleaning qualities as well as their function as a habitat for wildlife. The wall is also a visual feature that should attract attention and create a pleasant sense of nature in an urban setting. The idea behind the planting design outline is to emulate the Celtic tree of life design, an apt representation for a lifesaving centre such as this. Reddish hued planting (Leucothoe, Mahonia) forms a distinctive central stem that spreads out over both wall facades creating a distinctive elliptical form that merges back onto itself. As spring emerges, new life comes and with that planted daffodils bulbs emerge to turn and raise the mood, and of course the national flower of Wales is not forgotten here in Newport. After combining all elements of this design brief we are looking forward to seeing an end result that is worthy of its initial conception and we hope that it brings a sense of belief to all who come here.


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