Moss Wall Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP


Moss Wall

This fantastic hill moss wall is installed at the global architecture firm Skidmore Ownings & Merrill LLP.

8.6m2 of hill moss adorns the staff kitchen area bringing life to this immaculate space.

Moss brings huge benefits to acoustics deadening noise levels which is ideal for use where there are hard surfaces and improving the environment for all users. In addition the use of a natural preserved material such as moss boosts biophilic design principles, reconnecting the building user with nature in an otherwise urban environment.

The installation process for moss is straightforward and is often an attractive option for clients who want to bring greenery into interiors without ongoing maintenance.

SOM Moss Wall
SOM Moss Wall


Head Office
Ditton Nurseries
Summerfield Lane
London, KT6 5DZ

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