Jaguar Landrover Green Wall Sunbury on Thames

Jaguar Land Rover Sunbury on Thames

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Interior Green Wall 60m2

Jaguar Land Rover Living Wall installed at Sunbury on Thames

This 60m2 Living wall has just been installed by the Scotscape Smartscape team for Sytner Group at this stunning new showroom for Jaguar Land Rover in Sunbury on Thames.

Designed by our in house team the wall holds 2,940 plants – bringing the power of nature straight into the heart of this building.

The ‘wave’ design includes species known to reduced particulate matter in the air and reduce harmful VOC’s, including Spathiphyllum korto, Asplenium nidus and Aglaonema modestum.

Watch the installation video here!

Jaguar Land Rover Living Wall Planting Design
Jaguar Land Rover Living Wall Planting Design

Incorporating plants into buildings to create healthy spaces is a key part of biophilic design principles. We have carefully selected horticultural lighting which gives the plants the UV they need and are pleasing to the human eye.

Reducing acoustics in large spaces to bring a sense of calm is also important, living walls absorb noise in a large space like this, which gives staff and customers a sense of tranquillity.

We will post of picture of the fully developed plants in a few weeks’ time to show how quickly the plants develop in the Fytotextile® modules.

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