Living Walls Project for H&M Westfield Shepherds Bush

H&M Westfield Shopping Centre Shepherds Bush

Living Walls at H&M Westfield

Living Walls at H&M

The installation of this fantastic interior landscaping project has come to its conclusion. 15m2 of living walls, trees, hanging and potted plants form the basis of this interior landscaping project at the Its Pleat cafe at H&M Westfield Shepherds Bush. Now available for the public to enjoy!

Plants surround the seating areas and walls of this wonderful cafe - a perfect place for customers to relax and rejuvenate benefiting from the improved air quality, improved acoustics and sense of calm that plants bring -boosting biophilic design principles and reconnecting customers with nature.

Scotscape created the design for this installation, incorporating horticultural content to bring true benefit to customers and staff using the space. The project incorporates both living and artificial plants bringing a high impact 'jungle type' aesthetic to the installation. The artificial plant supplier Green Envee supplied the artificial plants and were part of a large installations and styling team to bring this creative project to life.

Living Walls and Interior Landscapes from Scotscape

Biophilia is our innate need as human beings to connect with nature. It encapsulates our connection with all things biological and natural. Whilst the built environment cannot exactly replicate wild landscapes it can mimic nature and biodiversity. Introducing plants, trees and living walls into our homes and offices invigorates our connection with nature and the great outdoors, thus improving health and well-being. This has a solid impact on the productivity of people both at work and play.

Biophilic Design includes the incorporation of natural light, views of nature, good interior climate with correct humidity and quiet places to work or relax. Good biophilic design has been proven to lower stress, improve cognitive function and to enhance creativity. These benefits all have a positive impact on our health. Living walls and interior planting are perfect for the retail environment, creating a great aesthetic, greening otherwise dull expanses of wall, help to create good ambient temperatures and humidity - these factors have also been shown to increase 'dwell time' and thus improve sales.

HM Westfield Living Walls
Living Walls at H&M Westfield Shepherds Bush London


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