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RHS Chelsea Flower Show London 2019

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If you were a visitor to this year's RHS Chelsea Flower show you would have been greeted by these incredible floral living wall 'curtains' created by bespoke London florist JamJar Flowers who have been tasked with transforming London gate at RHS Chelsea this year.

The 'living curtains' are planted with hundreds of bee-friendly herbs and flowers, hung from a pelmet of roses, clematis and jasmine, and tied back with a mix of heucheras. Scotscape installed the support system using our fantastically versatile living walls system to enable the vision of JamJar Flowers to be brought to life!

The thousand or so plants that make up the curtain and surrounding planters will be alive and growing with their roots intact. Many have been grown from seed, locally at Slade Gardens – a community garden in Stockwell – by amateurs, local children and volunteers. Our living wall system supports healthy plant growth and is ideal for events such as Chelsea Flower Show as the water retaining fabric built into the system keeps flowers and plants looking great!

The chosen plants, that are at their best during the month of May, are not only vibrantly colourful (pale blue forget-me-nots, apricot and marmalade tones of foxgloves etc.) but they are excellent pollinators too.

With media attention focused on Chelsea Flower Show this week this beautiful display will serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting pollinators in our towns and cities and creating the green solutions to enable this to happen. Living walls, green roofs, smart planting and the stewardship of our landscape all supports this mission to create more sustainable cities.

Our team at Scotscape thoroughly relish the challenge of creating new and exciting ways to introduce vertical greening into permanent and temporary projects for events. If you have a concept which you would like to bring to life get in touch!

Living Wall Gates RHS Chelsea Ready for Planting
Living Wall Gates RHS Chelsea Ready for Planting


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