Green Walls for Plymouth University

Plymouth University

Living Walls for Plymouth University

Green Walls designed, installed and maintained by the Scotscape Smartscape Team

These living walls measure a total 58.5m2.

The largest of the two living walls wraps around the entrance the 'Sustainability Hub' building on campus, which uses the flexibility of the Fytotextile Living Wall system to full advantage, following the curved lines of the structure.

Installed in the depths of winter the planting has now developed extensively.

Researchers at Plymouth University have found that living walls can reduce heat loss from buildings by over 30% - a finding that could be a game-changer in helping the UK achieve its net-zero commitments. Click here to learn more.


living wall plymouth university
Living Wall Plymouth University July 2020

Planting Plan

The Planting Plan selected for this project follows a block planting layout as shown below.

Wall 1

living walls plymouth university sectioned plan
living wall plymouth university fytotextile

Species selected include: polystichum poloybelpharum, iris foetidissima, Liriope muscari and pachysandra terminalis.

The block planting method creates a strong and textural design, larger specimens have developed very successfully and colour and leaf shapes within the scheme bring stunning visual and biodiverse results. Plants have also been chosen for their suitability to survive well in the coastal environment.

Wall 2

living walls plymouth university planting plan
living walls plymouth university curved building


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