Living Wall Project for Jubilee Hall Gym

Covent Garden London

Living Wall - Jubilee Hall Gym

Client: Jubilee Hall Trust

Living Wall design and installation: Smartscape - Part of the Scotscape Group

Size: 14.5m2

This fantastic living wall is located at the reception area of the Jubilee Hall Gym in Covent Garden. A smart choice for installation in a gym location, the 710 plants which are incorporated into this living wall will bring improved interior air quality to the gym and also help to mitigate noise pollution - bringing an ambient and healthy environment to gym users.

The planting plan uses a carefully selected palette suitable for the limited light levels, they include Spathphyllum Wallisii (Peace Lily) Muehlenbeckia Complexa (Maidenhall Vine) and Epiremnum Aureum - all included to improve air quality by reducing VOCs.

living wall jubilee hall gym


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