Installation of The Forest for Change at the London Design Biennale


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The Forest for Change challenge

The Build

The Scotscape Groundscape team had just 7 days to install 'The Forest for Change' which sits at the heart of the 2021 London Design Biennale.

Their mission was to install 400 native trees of varying dimensions and woodland shrubs to bring to life the plans drawn up by Artistic Director Es Devlin in collaboration with Philip Jaffa of Scape Design Associates. The forest needed to host members of the public visiting the London Design Biennale to deliver a genuine sense of walking through a woodland and to feel the benefits of nature in the heart of the city.

Trees for the Forest were source from Barcham Trees who supported tree selection throughout the design process.

Darren Bosworth Scotscape Project Managing Forest for Change
Paul Scott Front Elevation photography

The Process

6mm membrane to protect the existing paving at Somerset House

ZinCo grid system for hard standing and drainage

Trees were then put into position according to the plan

Trees were anchored with ratchet straps

All paths were laid with cork

Shrub planting from Quercus Nursery and bark completed the woodland feel.

Forest for Change London Design Biennale
Forest for Change London Design Biennale

Final Homes for trees & plants

Re-homing of the plants

All trees are being rehomed by Islington and Southwark Councils within their boroughs. Supporting the urban greening initiatives set out in the London Plan.

Shrubs are being donated to Greenfingers charity - Scotscape Groundscape's nominated charity for 2021.

We look forward to sharing images of the trees and plants final homes!


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