Case Study Wandsworth

Wandsworth, London

Wandsworth Borough Council.

Completed July 2022

Wandsworth Install 1
Wandsworth Install 2
Wandsworth Install 3
Wandsworth Install 4
Wandsworth Install 6
Wandsworth Install 7

The Brief

To design and install 9 LivingPillars™ in various locations in Wandsworth to showcase the Borough’s greening strategy and commitment to encourage biodiversity back into their streets.

The Challenge

To coordinate and work with a number of stakeholders including the Wandsworth lighting engineers, installation contractors FM Conway, column manufacturers CU Phosco and our planting design team to design, supply and install new lighting columns with an extended design life to support long term green infrastructure.

To design the LivingPillar™ to be easily attached and removed without damaging the lighting columns.

The Approach (Design & logistics)

As Wandsworth Borough were embarking on a replacement programme for some of the existing lighting columns, we took this opportunity to supply and fit a number of new columns designed specifically to support 3.0m high planting.

We tested the LivingPillar™ in a wind tunnel to ascertain the wind loadings.

With this information, the lighting column was structurally approved and designed by CUPhosco as a tapered tubular column with a specialist paint finish to support long-term planting.

The top of the column was fabricated to accept the lamp in keeping with the existing Wandsworth lighting design.

A 12v electrical supply was made available within the column as a back up to the solar energy which is the prime supply for the system.

The Result/ Outcome

The successful installation of 9 new lighting columns by FM Conway onto which we attached our LivingPillars™.

Fully sustainable as all irrigation water is re-circulated.

We used a planting mix of 50% perennial and 50% shrubs. The perennial planting has been incorporated to provide year-round food for pollinators whilst the shrub planting provides structure and cover for nesting.

Smart technology enables self-regulating irrigation which adjusts with weather conditions.

Wandsworth Pillar 00
Wandsworth Pillar 01
Wandsworth Pillar 02
Wandsworth Pillar 03
Wandsworth Pillar 04
Wandsworth Pillar 05
Wandsworth Pillar 06
Wandsworth Pillar 07

The Future Plan

To encourage the use lamp posts in Wandsworth to form biodiversity corridors comprising ‘service stations’ for our invertebrates and birds in line with our vision of joining up our green spaces.

To continue to work with local authorities and BIDs to help develop their green infrastructure initiatives to encourage biodiversity back into our cities.

Link to Research Document 2018 Scotscape R&D department LivingPillar™- Sustainable planting on lamp posts.


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