The Groundscape team donate native hedging to Wimbledon Hill Park

The Groundscape team donate native hedging to Wimbledon Hill Park

17 February 2021



Native Hedging Donation

Scotscape Groundscape have donated 400 linear meters of native hedging to incorporate in the grounds at Wimbledon Hill Park to further boost biodiversity and enhance this residential development managed by Property Management experts Rendall and Rittner.

This large and diverse landscape enables the team to tend to both manicured gardens and wilder areas within the park.

Living wall living plant Wimbledon Hill Park
Wimbledon Hill Park

What are the benefits of Native Hedging?

Native Hedging is particularly good to support wildlife as once established it will provide forage from nectar rich flowers as well as valuable and safe habitat creation. Mixed native hedges bring year round forage and will provide variety for more species. Butterflies benefit from the larval food provided by hedgerows, even the humble privet attracts many species of butterfly.

Native Hedging is centuries old and has been used by farmers as part of traditional farming practice not only to keep livestock secure but also to encourage wildlife pollinators to boost crops. Species including hawthorn, blackthorn, spindle, elder and dog rose are typical components of a native hedge.

The hedging at Wimbledon Hill park mingles with woodland areas and sections of open landscape which will mean that hedgerow flowers such as foxgloves will be able to take told bringing a additional boost to biodiversity.

Living walls Wimbledon Hill Park Native Hedging
Wimbledon Hill Park Native Hedging
Living walls Native Hedging donation to Wimbledon Hill Park
Native Hedging donation to Wimbledon Hill Park

We were very happy to be able to make this donation which fits with our ethos to improve biodiversity at all of the landscapes we manage.

If you would like to understand how to manage your landscapes to improve urban biodiversity get in touch


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