Teaching the next generation and learning about plants ability to absorb pollution

30 November 2023

We were recently presented with a wonderful opportunity to work with the University of Surrey to continue the research into plants ability to remove pollution and teach the younger generation about the importance of planting in our cities.

We have one of the lightest and most flexible living wall systems on the market which enables us to cover a myriad of different shapes and sizes with long term, sustainable planting.

living wall gates to Sandfield primary school

In this instance the challenge was to cover the main gates to Sandfield primary school in Guildford with planting to help prevent NO2 and particulate matter (PM 2.5-10) finding its way into the playground.

children planting

The children helped plant the gates and the University of Surrey will continue to monitor pollution levels.

In 2019 we worked on a project to monitor the ability of the plants in our LivingPillars™ to absorb Pollution with Greenwich University vand its lovely to be continuing the research with the University of Surrey and the Reclaim Network on a set of gates.

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