LivingPillar™ Project at Westminster

16 February 2024

We were excited to be invited to work with Westminster City Council and WSP as they continue to explore innovative approaches to enhance access, biodiversity, and well-being through green infrastructure initiatives.

Westminster’s 8.9 square mile area boasts a remarkable array of parks, pocket gardens, square gardens, and open spaces providing a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how to 'join up' green spaces using our LivingPillars™.

In Autumn 2022, 16 LivingPillars™ were installed in locations throughout Westminster as part of a greening initiative to explore long term planting on lighting columns.

westminster 5

They have been designed to encourage biodiversity into our cities by using existing lamp posts to support long term planting as an alternative to conventional planting, where it is not possible due to lack of space.

Powered by solar with re-circulating irrigation and situated high up on the lighting column so as not to restrict sight lines, they provide food and habitat for our pollinators and a host of other invertebrates.

With a successful trial and a European patent pending this is a great opportunity to showcase and export to cities beyond our shores.

Westminster 1
Westminster 2
Westminster 3
Westminster 4

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