Landscape maintenance at Sunrise Senior Living Esher

Landscape maintenance at Sunrise Senior Living Esher

01 May 2020



Gifting Geraniums to the residents of Sunrise Senior Living Esher

In these tough times it is the little things that count.

Our Groundscape team looks after fifteen Sunrise Senior Living locations in the UK and take great pride in keeping gardens both beautiful and safe for residents to use. For those whom are unable to enjoy the beautiful gardens at Sunrise Esher, we have donated geraniums to bring the outdoors in and hopefully some of the health boosting benefits of plants to residents and care workers alike.

Living wall Green wall Gift Sunrise Living

The gardens here at Esher house the most fantastic wisteria which is in glorious bloom currently, these sunny images taken during the wonderful sunshine last week show it off beautifully!

Living wall Green wall Landscape arch
Living wall Green wall Purple plants
Living wall Green wall Lawn & Washing line

Maintaining senior living premises is a specialist task, safety in terms of horticultural content and clear, non-slip pathways is crucial. Keeping gardens safe during Covid 19 brings further measures which are adopted by our teams to ensure the safety of residents and staff, full PPE and social distancing measures are in place to protect the vunerable.

Get in touch if you would like our input in your gardens! Call 0208 245 5000


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