Living Walls are blossoming in cities worldwide

30 January 2019

Why Living Walls are blossoming in cities worldwide.

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Scotscape are collaborators. We love to make new connections with our broad and friendly industry to help each other to do all we collectively can to build the exciting momentum towards greening our urban environment. Inspired by a visit to one of our living walls training days in 2018 and with an active presence in social media promoting the benefits of plants - one of our exciting connections Boris Dadvisard - Urban Naturalist, has penned this great blog about the living wall trend and its benefits, seen here from his website Invincible House Plants. Click here to read his memorable blog

Prioritising Urban Greening with Living Walls, Green Roofs and Landscapes

This is just one example of the industry movement and momentum which is galvanising towards a more considered approach to prioritising the introduction of plants or 'green' into our urban environment. In the past, all too often landscaping was value-engineered out of projects, now it sits much higher up on the list - as our understanding of the human biophilic benefits reaped from incorporating plants into our urban landscape has become much more accessible and mainstream, even though instinctively we all know that being surrounded by nature just makes us feel more human and function better. How we all became so disconnected from this fact in a world of connection is ironic! Genuine economic benefits are gained from healthy, happy and productive staff - working in environments which have been designed to support rather than hinder well-being. Genuine economic benefits are also seen by property developers putting landscapes, roof gardens, green roofs and living walls high on their agenda - creating a green oasis in busy cities attracts higher rents, the infamous Bosco Verticale in Milan commands some of the highest real estate values in the city owing to its abundant green construction. Add to the glossy economics the fact that smart horticultural management of urban landscapes impacts very positively on air quality what is not to like?

How can you find out more about Living Walls and Smart Landscapes?

Scotscape provides Living Wall CPDs to architects, designers, specifiers and property developers - both for our Fytotextile living wall system and for FLEX MSE for biodiverse civil engineering projects. To book your CPD and find out more please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For our clients and industry peers who want to understand living walls in more depth, our training sessions run throughout the year and include hands-on experience with the Fytotextile Living Wall System and are hosted at the Scotscape HQ in Surbiton Surrey. Click here to book your place today.

Our Landscape and Groundscape departments are an important part of the urban greening puzzle, constructing landscape in pockets of our cityscape and maintaining landscapes to an award winning standard - to contact our estimations team for guidance email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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