Living Walls, why specify them for your home or office?

15 January 2019

Why specify Living Walls for your home or office?

Scotscape install living walls for both interior and exterior projects, for domestic customers or for commercial businesses. Why is the living wall trend so prevalent and why should you consider specifying one?

The benefits of living walls for domestic or commercial clients are the same – they are stunning to look at, plants improve air quality by trapping PM10s, living walls absorb noise therefore have an acoustic benefit, exterior living walls support biodiversity – providing nesting habitats for birds and food for pollinators, living walls reduce the immediate temperature – causing a cooling effect in the summer and thereby reducing the urban heat island effect in cities, finally living walls also insulate buildings when retrospectively fitted, bringing substantial energy efficiency’s in both summer and winter. Commercial clients can use living walls as part of communicating their sustainability targets and to deliver healthier working environments for staff and customers.

living wall home staircase garden

The benefits of living walls are even more acute as urbanisation increases and cities become more and more crowded. Bringing nature into the heart of the home or city connects with humans at a fundamental level to improve health wellbeing and productivity, for future city dwellers this is crucial.The city brings with it demands on space, making living walls the perfect solution to limited garden space – beautifying otherwise grey expanses of concrete and brick to create mini green havens. Internally living walls can bring nature in, especially when your home has no outdoor space – bringing the feel-good factor to the heart of the home or office.

We work with homeowners, architects and specifiers to create well-designed healthy living walls. Our unique Fytotextile system supports excellent plant health which ensures our installations look great all year round. Expert maintenance is key to the life span of living walls and the Scotscape team has an award-winning reputation to uphold, often retrospectively bringing otherwise neglected living walls back to abundant health!

We offer a full CPD service about living walls to architects and specifiers we also present directly to homeowners keen to find out more about our system. For the keen installer or knowledge seeker we also run a series of living wall workshops at our Head Office in Surbiton Surrey which fully immerses the specifier or keen gardener into the installation of living walls.

To book a CPD email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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