Living Walls design, installation and maintenance

14 January 2019

Living Walls Design, Installation and Maintenance

Designing stunning living walls to green up the grey of the urban landscape is part of The Complete Green Solution offered by the Scotscape Group.

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What is the Process?

We meet our customer to discuss the proposed living wall, after which we develop a concept and planting design with alternatives for our clients’ to consider. The structural support framework is designed, if required, to suit your site along-with the type of irrigation required. Our planting design is entirely bespoke to each project, bringing our client’s living wall vision to life. We focus strongly on horticultural content which will not only look great but will deliver maximum air quality benefits to the location of the living wall.

Scotscape supply all the components required to fit the living wall system to the project location. Scotscape’s Fabric Living Wall is planted on site for instant impact, providing an immediately green aesthetic. Our experienced construction team interfaces with architects and structural engineers to ensure that best practice is applied at each and every location, underpinned by sound technical information.

The fabric living wall system is fast and easy to install, fixed to a steel or timber sub frame, and hung. The system is planted in situ, minimising lead times and allowing for instant vertical greening. Flexible enough to be used on columns and curved services for unique urban greening. Easy to access integrated irrigation systems also allow for a smooth installation and maintenance.

Living Walls require specialist maintenance to ensure that they look good all year round and provide maximum aesthetic and biodiverse benefits.

The award-winning Scotscape Living Wall Maintenance department is dedicated to the maintenance of living walls throughout the UK. Our team consists of experienced horticulturalists and irrigation operatives. It is crucial that green walls are correctly fed, monitored and maintained, so that all their benefits to the urban environment can be realised.

Our long experience with the installation and maintenance of a variety of living wall systems enables us to maintain every vertical greening system in our industry. Tel: 0208 254 5000

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