The benefits of green hoardings to the construction industry?

30 October 2018

Green Hoardings in the Construction Industry

Living Wall Orchard Lisle maintenance

As construction booms throughout the capital managing the additional air pollution created by dust is crucial – hoardings and advertising of every type wrap around construction sites in an attempt to contain the mess. It is not ineffective, however incorporating green hoardings instead of, or in addition to these systems, brings extra benefits which cannot be reaped by a synthetic hoarding alone.

Plants act as excellent dust suppressors and trap PM5 and PM10 the main culprits in causing asthma and a myriad of health problems for city dwellers – ivy is an excellent example – have you ever been gardening and pulled ivy from a wall? The dust released when ivy is disturbed is a good indicator of its effectiveness – for more solid evidence turn to research from Professor Ross Cameron at the University of Sheffield – Ross and other academics from around the world research the positive effect that plants can have on our urban environments and the evidence is irrefutable.

The Scotscape living wall system is lightweight and easy to transport, it can be relocated from site to site making it a perfect solution for creating visually attractive and effective green hoardings. Our teams also install ivy screens which are ideal products for creating a dust suppressing green hoarding. The long-term benefit of using either method is the re-use potential – there is no need for any waste as either solution can be reused in the final development to create either a function green aesthetic or ivy fencing within a landscape.

Why use faux green hoarding when you can have the real thing without the waste? If you would like to find out more get in touch or click here to find out about the vertical greening solutions available from Scotscape.

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