Fytotextile Living Wall for optimum plant health

30 June 2020

Plant Health and the Fytotextile Living Wall System

Living wall fytotextile plant health infographic

For a plant to grow, everyone knows it needs the proper amount of water and sunlight. When plants are stunted, grow irregularly or wilt, we first examine these three necessities:

Is it getting too much or too little water?
Is it getting too much or too little sunlight?
Is it getting enough nutrients?

A rarer question to ask is: is it receiving enough oxygen?

The benefits of ensuring well aerated soil are happy thriving plants. Without an adequate exchange of water and oxygen within the spaces between soil particles, the plants in living walls can rot and fail.

The beauty of the Fytotextile Living Wall system is aeration direct to the plant roots. Air is delivered via the fabric structure and plant roots can thrive working their way throughout the water retaining fabric behind the pockets.

living wall jaguar landrover
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