05 October 2023

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

reclain network

We spent a very productive and informative day at the University of Surrey RECLAIM conference earlier this month where we took the opportunity to network and showcase our game changing Living Pillar™.

We met many of the academics whose knowledge helps us validate our innovative products and services as we ‘Breathe Life Into Cities’.

Reclaim network

Pictured: Stephen D’Arcy, Angus Cunningham, Kevin McLeod - SCOTSCAPE

Living Wall, West London

At Scotscape we have developed practical and innovative solutions to attract Biodiversity, including our Living WallsLiving Pillars, Living Art and Micro Forests.

Surrey University and RECLAIM bring a network of academics together to investigate and substantiate how Nature can help to ‘RECLAIM’ and strengthen our cities against climate change.

It is a powerful combination as we make headway in this incredibly exciting market – Bringing Biodiversity into our Cities.

interior living wall

Interior Living Wall ITN Building London

Given that our industry includes many that shunned academia, it was lovely to see both parties respect and share skillset and knowledge in equal measure.

There is a healthy list of positives to this type of collaboration;

Reclaim network

Pictured: Interior columns Salesforce Dublin

  1. Access to Cutting-Edge Research: Access to research expertise in biodiversity, urban planning, and sustainable landscaping. Invaluable for staying updated on the latest trends, techniques, and scientific findings in urban biodiversity enhancement.

  2. Technical Expertise: Collaborating with a University brings a wealth of technical knowledge and insights. We tap into the expertise of researchers and academics, ensuring that our innovative products and services are based on sound scientific principles and best practices.

LivingPillar™, London

Pictured: LivingPillar™, London

  1. Validation and Testing: A University’s research facilities and resources can be used to test and validate our biodiversity-enhancing solutions. This scientific validation adds credibility and reliability to our products and services.

  2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The RECLAIM network encompasses a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability and urban development. This allows us to engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations, leading to more holistic and effective solutions that address complex urban biodiversity challenges.

Micro-Forest, Islington

Micro-Forest, Islington

  1. Educational Initiatives: We participate in educational and outreach programs run by the University, promoting awareness and understanding of urban biodiversity. This not only benefits the community but also showcases our commitment to sustainable urban development.

LivingArt™ unit

LivingArt™ unit

  1. Networking and Partnerships: The collaboration opens doors to networking opportunities within the academic community, environmental organizations, and local authorities. These connections can lead to new partnerships and business opportunities.

  2. Enhanced Reputation: Partnering with a respected academic institution can significantly enhance your reputation. This association demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation, attracting environmentally conscious clients and investors.

  3. Positive Impact: Ultimately, collaboration has the potential to make a positive impact on urban environments by increasing biodiversity, enhancing green spaces, and creating more sustainable and liveable cities.

ngus Cunningham and Professor Prashant Kumar

Angus Cunningham and Professor Prashant Kumar, Principal Investigator (PI) of RECLAIM

As the demand to bring increasing amounts of biodiversity into our cities gathers apace, academic collaboration plays a pivotal role in sustainable urban development.

We benefit from access to research, technical expertise, validation resources, interdisciplinary collaboration, educational opportunities, networking, and an enhanced reputation, whilst academia gains a real-world partner to help implement and advance their research and sustainability goals.

It takes more than passion to be successful. That’s why we have been researching and developing since 2010. Research-Development

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