Smart Ceilings

Smart Ceilings


As part of our on-going research and development, we have developed a ‘Living Ceiling’ that has been installed into 10 ASICS stores in major European Cities. The final installation of 2017 extended to the ASICS flagship store on 5th Avenue New York USA.

Demand for Smart Greening Systems has increased in response to greater awareness of biophilia and the ability of plants to improve air quality; Scotscape’s innovations respond to the need of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes to deliver healthy environments for staff and customers.

Asics approached Brinkworth a specialist retail design company to develop a strong new global retail concept for their stores, which has been applied thus far to 10 Asics Locations. In response to the Brinkworth vision Scotscape have developed a bespoke store greening system. A series of narrow stainless-steel planters suspended at ceiling level and planted with carefully chosen plants, sustained in a semi hydroponic condition. Controlled watering using our smart irrigation system allows the plants to thrive and create a green canopy without the need for drainage.

A perfect antidote to the retail or office environment the Smart Ceiling demonstrates the innovative approach taken by Scotscape to all of our greening projects.

Plants in Retail improve 'dwell time'

Did you know that incorporating plants and living walls into retail design improves dwell time?

Retailers are constantly seeking innovative methods to improve sales and footfall instore, battling the convenience of online shopping, instore design is crucial to engage customers and sell more! Creating a shopping experience which is unique, ensuring your retail space is inviting and a place that shoppers feel at ease builds loyalty and increases the likelihood of return visits.

Indoor plants are underestimated tool that can have a profound effect on a retail space’s ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The biophilic benefits of plants is well documented, our human need to connect with nature is ever present, and when plants are incorporated into stores - the benefits kick in, relaxing customers, creating ambient surroundings and making customers more likely to stay and linger and spend.

The following extract from a white paper written by an American researcher Kathleen Wolf supports the incorporation of plants to improve the retail experience.

“Retailers have long understood the importance of store environment in enhancing the shopping experience. The outdoor landscape can be a seamless extension of shop interiors, providing indoor/outdoor continuity for a positive shopping experience. Urban forestry can play an important role in business districts. Interior plants and landscape may create store interiors more favorable for retail activity.” (Ref: “Retail and Urban Nature: Creating a Consumer Habitat”, K.L.Wolf, at the People/Plant Symposium, Amsterdam, 2002).

The power of plants in the retail industry is not confined to the stores themselves. From directing foot traffic to providing shoppers with a relaxing place to rest between shopping visits, plants can be used in a myriad of ways in shopping centers. The Scotscape Smartscape team has installed living walls for Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser, and H&M - all smart retailers who know that plants boost linger time!

Living Walls Marks and Spencer Epping
Living Walls Marks and Spencer Epping

Although much of the evidence is still subjective, it is clear that professional retailers firmly believe that plants are an integral part of the selling environment and are prepared to allocate the space and resources to accommodate them.

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Living Walls House of Fraser Rushmoore Lakes
Living Walls House of Fraser Rushmoore Lakes

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