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The Demand for Smart Green Technology has increased in response to greater awareness of biophilic design and the ability of plants to improve air quality and a greater sense of well-being for city dwellers. The beneficial economics of introducing plants into all environments is proven.

Smart Ceilings were developed as part of our on-going research and development programme, we designed a ‘Living Ceiling’ that has been installed into 10 ASICS stores in major European Cities. The final installation extended to the ASICS flagship store on 5th Avenue New York USA. In addition a smart cladding option for the same client has been created to green store frontage with signage.

Scotscape’s innovations respond to the need of commercial clients to deliver healthy environments for staff and customers.

The benefits of including plants in interiors are:

Improved air quality - reducing VOC and Particulate Matter

Improved Acoustics

Reduction of stress by reconnecting building users with nature - biophilic benefit

Improved productivity for staff

Increased dwelling time for customers when specified in the retail industry

Living Walls & Urban Greening

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