Living Walls for a Healthy Workplace

Living Walls for a Healthy Workplace

Living Walls for improved productivity

Support your staff by specifying Living Walls in Offices

As the mental health epidemic sweeps through our society bringing people back to nature to subdue the effects of modern living has never been more important.

Our increasingly urbanised society has removed what we need, natural light, nature, quiet space to work. Its all go, go, go, fast technology, hard glossy architecture, heavy traffic, pollution – these are not the ideal fit for a happy healthy human who has not evolved quite at that same speed as the latest i-phone.

Smart employers across the planet have recognised the benefits which plants bring from global companies such as Amazon to smaller independent businesses, the facts speak for themselves and bring genuine economic benefits to corporations.

Interior Living Walls Grosvenor Britain and Ireland
Interior Living Walls

How do living walls and plants help?

This is where horticulture comes in. Experts and research tell us that people like plants and they improve mental health, research from the environmental hub ‘Arboretum’ tells us that from a survey of 2,000 participants that 56 % of Londoners agreed that plants make them happier. The evidence continues with research from Arup, the RHS, Nasa – to prove that our human connection to plants is irrefutable and having our leafy friends around (especially pollutant busters cited by NASA and the RHS) really does bring genuine benefit to building users.

The Scotscape Smartscape team incorporate living walls in offices, in co-working spaces, or even on columns. Our flexible and lightweight system is ideal for challenging application even when space is limited.

Applying plants in living walls or with interior landscaping purifies the air, creates meditative spaces to work and meet and reconnects building users with nature.

Living Wall Columns
Living Wall Columns
Living Wall at Elephant Park
Living Wall at Elephant Park

The Well Building Standard

Evidence that incorporating plants supports productivity

The Well Building Standard is an accreditation benchmark which covers all areas of engineering healthy buildings, from incorporating plants, natural light, break out space, community areas, healthy sustainable non-toxic furniture and fittings and effective air filtration – (to name just a few key markers). Well Building was adopted by the buildings engineers Cundall, the impact on productivity and staff well-being was measured and here are the results:

  • Perceived well-being up 25% to 76%
  • Perceived productivity up from 27% to 73%
  • Sense of community up from 28% to 79%
  • Enjoyment of the environment up from 48% to 82%
  • Corporate image up from 38% to 88%

You can’t argue with that!!

What did this mean economically for the company?

  • In HR terms, absenteeism rates have reduced significantly; they are 22% lower than those of a typical new office development (49% reduction compared with a 27% average), equating to a circa £90,000 annual saving
  • Staff turnover is down 27% in the year, compared with stable levels for the five years before the move, equating to a circa £120,000 annual saving

With statistics like this it is no wonder that smart employers are investing considerable resource into improving their office interiors.

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Interior Landscaping
Living Walls and Plants at ITN
Living Walls and Plants at ITN

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