Ridgefield Living Wall

London, UK

Private residential Living Wall

Client: Private

Landscape Designer: Bunny Guinness Landscape Designer

Size: 71m2

Designed by Bunny Guinness this large high-end domestic garden incorporates two Scotscape Living Walls into a palatial courtyard setting. Scotscape worked closely with Bunny to find a balanced planting scheme that would both compliment the stately nature of the residence while appealing to the clients desire for a contemporary design. Bursts of burgundy heuchera and clouds of daisy flowers peep out of the dense and lush foliage to tentatively display a unique pattern. Nothing too garish, nothing too tame.

The flexible nature of the fytotextile system allowed for us to fit our system into the complex stairwell situation with ease, and as with all projects bespoke sections can be produced in a relatively short time-frame to ensure projecdeadlines are met.


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