Interior Living Wall for CCM Facilities Management

CCM Facilities Management London Waterloo

Interior Landscaping for CCM HQ

Interior Landscaping

Scotscape has installed a wide variety of biophilic smart greening systems at the head office of CCM Ltd, a leading cleaning and facilities management company based in Central London. The design brief was to reflect the nature based, people friendly attitude and eco-cleaning solutions being adopted by CCM.

This wide-ranging interior landscaping project included; a large moss logo, an exterior living wall, an interior living ceiling, an interior living wall and moss columns and panels. A mobile living screen to separate workplace and canteen area was also commissioned.

living walls CCM head office interior pillar

CCM are passionate about creating and maintaining work-place environments that improve well-being, reduce stress and increase productivity by offering nature-based cleaning and maintenance solutions – bringing a service which is ‘Better By Nature’ to multiple businesses across the South East. With the considerable evidence showing that the VOC’s contained in traditional cleaning products are bad for health, this is an extremely positive step.

living interior wall ccm

To demonstrate intent and set the precedent, they have invested in their own work-space as a showcase for nature-based products and maintenance solutions, by supporting their own hive of busy staff with a beautiful green and naturally cleaned office. These, in turn, are being introduced to CCM’s considerable client base.

Webber street living wall and barbeque
Webber street living wall and barbeque


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