Living Wall at Grosvenor Britain & Ireland Head Office

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Living Walls and Living Columns

Scotscape is delighted to have completed two interior living walls at the London office of Grosvenor, one of the world’s leading privately-owned property companies. Grosvenor develops, manages and invests in more than 60 cities around the world.

Incorporating vertical greening into this communal space enjoyed by staff and clients reflects Grosvenor’s placemaking focus. Designed and planted to create a beautiful aesthetic and boost air quality, these two living walls measure a total of 32m2.

In addition, Scotscape's living wall system has been used to create abundant green columns right in the centre of staff offices, bringing the biophilic benefits of plants to Grosvenor's staff. Plants are essential for improving health and well-being in offices. The plant content of the living columns and living walls has been selected to offer maximum air quality benefits, acoustic benefit, while the introduction of nature strongly supports staff health.

living walls gosvenor office workplace
Living Wall Interior at Grosvenor
living wall grosvenor britain woman stairs
Living Wall Interiors at Grosvenor
living walls grosvenor head office sideview
Living Wall Interior Meeting Space Grosvenor Head Office
living walls grosvenor head office seating
Living Wall Interior Meeting Spaces Grosvenor Head Office


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