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The Smartscape team have designed and installed the forecourt greening across four of the West End's most stunning retail streets as part of a new initiative by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to improve the environment in Mayfair with retailers and office occupiers.

Mount Street, North Audley Street, Duke Street and South Molton Street are now home to dramatic displays of planting that encourages wildlife, improves local air quality and produces a dramatic on street experience throughout the seasons. We have specified a total of 3,000 plants, displayed in an eye catching collection of hand crafted clay planters sourced from Atlier Vierkant.

Mount street mews Planting
South Moulton Street Forecourt Planting

The planting covers ‘forecourts’, the small area in front of buildings, before the pavement begins. The Smartscape team designed the planting throughout all four locations to deliver a full and lush foliage appearance throughout the seasons, with ever­green species dominating the plant palette. The introduction of a number of deciduous species allows for a much greater impact during autumn and summer months as well as spring flowering species for abundant colour. Horticultural content includes Staghorn Sumac, Red Dragon Myrtle, Yew Pom Poms, Fireworks purple fountain grass, African lily, Pseudopannax Gold Splash and Silver Spear.

North Audley Street benefits

North Audley Street benefits from additional planting to create screening around outdoor eating areas in planters originally provided by Westminster City Council. This additional planting display continues the planting approach applied to the new planted combinations with a rich tapestry of plants, shrubs and trees to provide seasonal variations and boost biodiversity and air quality.

North Audley Street additional Planting
North Audley Street additional Planting

In addition to environmental benefits, there is mounting evidence that incorporating greening in the built environment can improve quality of life: reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates, whilst increasing self-reported rates of mental health and well-being.

South Moulton Street Forecourt Planting


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