Urban Greening Podcast with the Green Urbanist

Urban Greening Podcast with the Green Urbanist

07 September 2020



We are so lucky to have Niall McEvoy in the Smartscape Team. Listen to him here with The Green Urbanist in this engaging podcast about Urban Greening, Air Quality, Biophillia and Biodiversity. Thank you to the Green Urbanist for inviting Niall to speak on your pod cast!

Niall is Business Development Manager at Scotscape, a leading green infrastructure and living wall provider. He is an educator and speaker with expertise in urban greening, horticulture and the science behind how plants and trees can improve our cities.

He leads training courses on the design, construction and maintenance of living walls, provides continuing professional development programmes for architects and designers globally and regularly speaks on these subjects at industry events.

We talk about:

  • How "urban greening" is not about planting anything - you have to plant the right species for the right situation.
  • How nature works as a system, not as individual elements.
  • The importance of plants for air quality, biophilia and biodiversity.
  • The economics of green infrastructure.
  • The advantages of living walls (or "green walls").
  • How to convince people of the necessity for greener cities!

And if you love Irish accents, then this episode is definitely for you!


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