Create Residential Living Walls using Fytotextile

15 April 2020



Create your living walls with Fytotextile for all year round greening.

Here we are in week four of lock-down in the UK - The Scotscape team is working remotely and could now add Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Click to our myriad of skills! If you are fortunate enough to have some outside space in the form of a garden, roof terrace or balcony, no doubt like many of us 'Scotscapers' your activities during lock down will have turned to your garden - big Spring tidy ups, grass feeding, seedling planting and bed preparation for the blooms ahead - isolation certainly makes us appreciate any outdoor space we have to boost mental health and well-being. Covid 19 has brought the power of nature into sharp focus - that one hour outside reminds us of how precious nature is for our wellness and boosted that commitment to really nurture our gardens, no matter how large or small. Or if we have no garden, bringing nature indoors can also have a very positive effect.

Introducing living walls into gardens can be done at any time of the year, deep frosts aside, there is no month when we would not install. Fytotextile is our preferred living wall system which works brilliantly for both commercial and residential spaces for both interior and exterior specification.

Living Wall
Fytotextile® system is constructed of industrially produced flexible multi-layer modules that are connected to a timber or metal framework fixed to a supporting wall or created as freestanding installations. The Fytotextile modules consist of a matrix of pockets for plants of the living wall, where they are planted including their own growing medium, facilitating healthy plant growth and development.

Click here to see how Fytotextile is made:

Living Walls - Benefits of Fytotexile

Flexible - it can be applied to any surface, flat, curved or on an angle - Interior or Exterior

Lightweight - at 35kg per square meter fully planted and watered

Robust - carries up to 530kg per square meter in stress tests

10 Year Warranty

Aerated construction for the BEST plant health

Planted in situ - quick - no long lead times

Irrigated using Smart Green Technology with good accessibility for straightforward and time efficient maintenance


Fire Retardant

Quick to install - No long lead times

Living Walls for homes

Domestic exterior Living Wall London
Domestic exterior Living Wall London
Domestic Interior Living Wall London
Domestic Interior Living Wall London

Plant your dream Living Wall get in touch with our team who are happy to assist


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