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28 March 2019

Living Walls Training Day

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Friday the 22nd of March saw us hosting our first Living Wall training day of 2019. It was a pleasure to meet the 30 attendees who came along to learn more about the design, installation and maintenance of living walls and all of the benefits that vertical greening can bring to our towns and cities.

Living wall training - what to expect?

Scotscape offer a full morning of living wall training including a CPD which covers all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance of green walls, the benefits of urban greening and the biophilic benefits of incorporating plants in interiors. Our guests join us from 9.30am to settle in with a refreshing coffee or tea before the presentation begins. The CPD is followed by a walk around our HQ which is a veritable testing ground for new living wall concepts and horticultural test beds, dominated by our large living wall topped off with a column of beautiful plants at its end.

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Living wall research

Our woodland wall is tested on-site - where a larger pocket system is planted with bigger shrubs and trees to create a vertical woodland - living walls with scale! Pollinator living walls, columns, curved structures, even living wall gates are all on display here, hopefully inspiring our training day attendees to specify living walls in their own projects and bring plants into the heart of the city! We work with Universities to assess the benefits of living wall structures to the built environment. Our research thus far has seen us work with Cambridge, Greenwich, Sheffield and Reading Universities - Scotscape will continue to support the academic community in detailed assessment of the benefits of urban greening and the best horticultural content to bring health and wellbeing to the urban landscape.

Next Living Wall Training day

The next training day will take place on Friday the 17th May. Book in here, we look forward to meeting you!

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