Living Walls and Plants for Workplace Wellness

Living Walls and Plants for Workplace Wellness

01 April 2019



Living Walls and Plants for wellness at work

In September 2018 Scotscape supported a 'Wellbeing Theatre' at a Thompson Reuters event. We brought an abundance of plants into the Wellbeing Space and styled the area to support the sense of peace and calm which was required as breakout space for lots of stressed and busy lawyers during the breaks from their conference.

This was a fascinating event to participate in, we met other professionals all approaching the 'Wellness at Work' debate from different angles. Other supporters included chiropractors, aromatherapists, mobile exercise bikes, ergonomic office furniture, meditation, and Workwise Wellness - a fascinating company who unites all wellness practices within their consultancy to provide a 'sustainable wellbeing initiative - enhancing productivity and lifestyle within organisations, schools and communities'. It was interesting as a 'landscaper' to take part in an event which brought together all aspects of wellness at work and to see and experience how plants impacted on what was a sterile space before they were installed. Did creating that calm and green backdrop enable more engagement from the visitors - probably, would a stressed corporate lawyer meditate in a workshop in public had the ambient atmosphere delivered by plants, natural materials and comfortable seating been eliminated - probably not..... This is why the demand for interior landscaping including interior living walls is so prevalent. Bringing plants into the heart of the workplace is essential to make us more human and get the best out of the workforce.

Inspired by the event Workwise Wellness have started an online editorial named 'Aspire To Wellness'. It is aimed at driving the conversation around wellbeing success. Leigh MacKay kindly invited Scotscape to contribute to the first edition which is available to read if you click here: Aspire To Wellness first edition

Living Walls and Plants in Workplace


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