Living Walls, Plants and Air Pollution

Living Walls, Plants and Air Pollution

12 June 2019



Plants Mitigate Air Pollution

Toxic air around our children, especially in large towns and cities is high on the media agenda and rightly so, with increased levels of childhood asthma and respiratory illness on the rise tackling air pollution from every angle is crucial.

Featured recently on BBC London Scotscape's own Niall McEvoy was seen planting up air pollution busting plants at his daughter's school, Invictus Primary which is located close to London's Blackwall Tunnel and presents serious air quality concerns to teachers and parents alike.

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Now featured in the Daily Telegraph family section on 7th June in Hattie Garlick's editorial piece about this very issue - it is good to know that the message about the benefits of plants is filtering through the smog! We particularly like Garlick's reference to our 'pollution-gobbling green walls' - we couldn't agree more! Living Walls are not always accessible in terms of cost within the confines of educational budgets, but smart planting of 'pollution-gobbling' plants can deliver significant benefits.

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For guidance on the best plants to specify within a living wall or in the ground please do not hesitate to contact Scotscape - we are happy to help


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