Living Walls constructed with FYTOTEXTILE for plant health

31 January 2020

Living Walls, Why use Fytotexile for Installation?

Living Wall Fytotextile® system is constructed of industrially produced flexible multi-layer modules that are connected to a timber or metal framework fixed to a supporting wall or created as freestanding installations. The Fytotextile modules consist of a matrix of pockets for plants of the living wall, where they are planted including their own growing medium, facilitating healthy plant growth and development.

Living Walls - Benefits of Fytotexile

  • Flexible - it can be applied to any surface, flat, curved or on an angle - Interior or Exterior
  • Lightweight - at 35kg per square meter fully planted and watered
  • Robust - carries up to 530kg per square meter in stress tests
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Aerated construction for the BEST plant health
  • Planted in situ - quick - no long lead times
  • Irrigated using Smart Green Technology with good accessibility for straightforward and time efficient maintenance
  • Economical
  • Fire Retardant

Quick to install - No long lead times

Living Walls Main Page

Living Wall constructed with FYTOTEXTILE for plant health
 living walls fytotextile installation infographic
Living Wall constructed with FYTOTEXTILE instalation steps


living walls fytotextile lightness
Living Wall constructed with FYTOTEXTILE lightweight material

Supports healthy root systems

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