Living Walls are Perfect for Urban Gardens

Living Walls are Perfect for Urban Gardens

05 March 2019



Living Walls are Perfect for Urban Gardens

Summer is just around the corner - why not specify a living wall to enjoy in your garden?

The Scotscape Smartscape team install living walls all over the UK and Europe, our client base is broad, we happily work with large commercial businesses but also apply our service to providing beautiful green walls for private residential customers to create spectacular gardens and eye catching interior planting features.


With the benefits of living surrounded by plants being widely understood, more and more residential and commercial advocates are jumping on board and installing living walls for both exterior and interior use. Vertical gardens are the perfect antidote for smaller urban gardens, freeing up floor space and packing walls with hundreds of lush green plants! Green Walls are also great for supporting biodiversity - providing habitats for birds bugs and bees - keeping your garden cooler in city heat and cleaning the air! What's not to like?

Biophilia is the word used to describe our innate human connection to nature and the positive impact that being surrounded by nature has on the human spirit and wellbeing. Incorporating plants in our living and working environments is essential for good mental health and productivity especially when you live and work in a bustling city. Creating oasis of calm at home with a living wall is a positive step to incorporating plants into everyday life, even if you are space poor.

The Scotscape Smartscape team offer exceptional design, installation and maintenance services to our client's, if you want to find out more about living walls, we also welcome prospective clients to our working Head Office where sample show walls are in situ and you can see the system upfront and learn how it works. Why not give us a call, we are happy to assist. Tel: 0208 254 5000.


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