Scotscape introduces new living walls product

Scotscape introduces new living walls product

30 October 2018



Scotscape introduces new living walls product to challenge conventional retaining walls

Scotscape are passionate about using intelligent and practical technology to green urban areas and are pleased to announce that they have been working with Gravitas International to bring an exciting and innovative living walls product to the market – Flex MSE®

What is Flex MSE?

Flex MSE® (Mechanically Stabilised Earth) is a patented soil-based system used to build naturally resilient and flexible Geo-modular retaining structures of up to almost any height and length. The walls can be planted over 100% of the surface face with a huge variety of plants…. including hydro-seeding.

A unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities, Flex MSE adapts to settlement and heave situations that challenge conventional rigid retaining systems, such asconcrete, brick and timber, by its flexible nature…. and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on!

With a 120 year ASTM System Life rating (which is nearly twice that of Concrete)and a 75 year warranty, Flex MSE proffers a serious alternative and less expensive retaining solution for architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and garden designers.

“The benefits of Flex MSE® are perfectly aligned with our commitment to bringing smart and cost effective greening solutions to the built environment. We are really excited about offering our clients a Living Wall system that also doubles up as a retaining structure. It fits perfectly into our range of products and services and will certainly help with bringing biodiversity into the heart of our urban landscape” – MD Angus Cunningham Scotscape.

“We are delighted to be working with Scotscape, reflecting our values and vision of a greener future” MD Jacob Sallon Gravitas International.


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