The Living Walls with Retaining Wall Qualities - Flex MSE

The Living Walls with Retaining Wall Qualities - Flex MSE

25 November 2019



Flex MSE is THE Vegetated Living Wall system with retaining wall qualities.

To deliver on our mission to offer 'The Complete Green Solution' Scotscape have added the FLEX MSE vegetated living walls system to our suite of urban greening products.

Flex MSE living walls at Salterhebble
Flex MSE living walls at Salterhebble

What is Flex MSE?

Flex MSE is the unique vegetated retaining living wall system, perfect for civil engineering projects, flood mitigation and landscaping.

Flex MSE Bags and Interlocking Plates are used to build naturally resilient Geomodular structures.

A unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities, Flex MSE adapts to events that would ruin lesser systems, and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on.

Flex MSE is a patented system which leverages Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) principles along with geotextile technology to create strong and easy to install Geomodular block structures.

Why have Concrete when you can have a green biodiverse wall with the SAME robust qualities?

Flex MSE living walls
A concrete wall or a FLEX MSE vegetated living wall?

Affordable - 60% less the cost of installing traditional retaining wall systems

Simple Construction

Robust with a 75 year warranty and is ASTM rated for 120 years

Uses 97% less GHG than concrete and 98.5% less than steel

Is installed in 70% less time than traditional retaining wall systems

Flex MSE is permanent

Flex MSE supports biodiversity

Perfect for Architects, Landscape Architects and Civil Engineers seeking to improve biodiversity net gain.
Perfect for Water Authorities for riverbank stabilisation

Flex MSE living walls construction
Flex MSE living walls construction

If you would like to learn more about this fantastic construction solution contact us and book a CPD today


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