Covid 19 Statement 2nd November 2020

Covid 19 Statement 2nd November 2020

02 November 2020



COVID-19 Statement 2nd November 2020

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant

challenge to all of us.

Our customer's and our staff's well-being remains extremely important to us as we now hit the 2nd lockdown.

This statement sets out our plan for protecting our employees, our customers and the general public as we go

about our daily work.

What you can expect from us:

All our staff will be equipped with an anti-bacterial pack for the duration of the crisis. This will include antibacterial

spray, gloves and wipes.

They will be instructed on best practices with the pack.

If any of our staff show any signs of the virus they will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days or less if they are tested

as negative.

All staff report any future travel outside of the UK to ensure that necessary isolation measures are adopted.

    Click here to read the national Lockdown guidance from 5th November

    We are updating our staff regularly on the status of the virus and giving out any new information to enable their and

    our customer’s well-being.

    Over and above our normal cleaning our head office and yard has implemented bi-daily surface wipe downs.

    Where possible all staff are also asked to take their laptops home every night to ensure work continuity in case of an

    outbreak within the company.

      What we expect from our customers:

      That all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure our staff are not exposed to any of your staff that have been positively

      tested for COVID-19.

      If you have any staff members that are tested positively for COVID-19 we are immediately informed so we can take the appropriate action.

      If you have any queries or want to know anything about what we are doing regarding the COVID-19 virus. Please contact

      Issued 02 November 2020


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