Book your Living Walls CPD today

Book your Living Walls CPD today

29 October 2018



CPD Training Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019

Secure your date now for a Living Walls CPD from Scotscape

The Scotscape Living Walls CPD has been very positively received across the UK face to face and internationally via webinar. The momentum behind the Living Wall industry worldwide is strong and it is crucial for visionary architects to be aware of the variety of vertical greening options available to specify, how they are constructed and the proven benefits that they bring to supporting green infrastructure. In an increasingly urbanised world specifying green is top priority!

Continuing Professional Development for Architects and Landscape Designers

As in most professions, doing continuing professional development (CPD) is obligatory for architects enabling them to stay competent, professional, capable and resilient. One of the benefits of CPD is that enables you to achieve better outcomes and better businesses. CPD also helps you to contend with disruption and to face current and future challenges as well as learn new skills and specialisms.

Book our Living Walls CPD and learn about:

  • The vertical greening choices available to architects and designers
  • How living walls are designed, installed and maintained?
  • The benefits of living walls and how to design them to function optimally
  • Our bespoke smart green technology service to create unique greening solutions

Here is what some of our CPD recipients have to say:

‘The CPD was very interesting and informative, we all enjoyed it’ – HSSP Architects

‘Many thanks for a brilliant CPD this morning, much appreciated!’ – Ivan Ovversteeg Architecture

‘Thank you for an excellent CPD and good reference material’ – Lom Architecture and Design

‘I would like to thank you once more for the great living walls CPD we had last month. Everybody enjoyed it – landscape architects and architects alike.’ – Design International

Training In House or via Webinar

Our CPD is available face to face or via Webinar, read more on the CPD Training Page.

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