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As part of our mission to offer 'The Complete Green solution' we work closely with other green infrastructure professionals to deliver change and enhance governmental and consumer change for the better, to share and promote the urban greening message for the greater good. With climate change at the forefront of the environmental agenda, supporting decision makers with information and services to improve the health and function of the urban landscape is important and is a task that cannot be undertaken by one commercial enterprise alone.

Scotscape works in partnership with other specialist contractors and communicators to drive forward the urban greening message and deliver on our ultimate goal - to improve the built environment with nature-based solutions. Every greening method in this puzzle has a place - from the high aesthetic of our living walls, to green roofs designed for recreation and biodiversity, to smart civil engineering products such as FLEX MSE to rain gardens, smart landscaping and landscape maintenance, all with stewardship at their core and an ultimate aim to improve air-quality, biodiversity, urban water management, and the urban heat island effect creating cities which are functional and healthy places to live and work.

We have recently sponsored ‘Living Roofs and Walls – 10 years of urban greening in London and beyond’. This has been created by the Living Roofs Organisation led by Dusty Gedge, to promote green living walls and roofs in urban areas in UK and around the world. Focused campaigning work from Dusty Gedge since 2002 has garnered engaged participation from other key urban greening specialists and the Greater London Authority, plus the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations (link) of which Dusty is the President. In addition legislation surrounding green roofs in the UK has been inspired by his campaigning work. To download the report click here

Living Walls & Urban Greening

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